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Smoothing Coco Spray, is for all people who wish to benefit from the triple action of this smoothing: deep hydration, intense smoothing of the hair fiber and stimulation of hair growth. Your hair is dry, brittle, indomitable, too bulky, they frizz? This smoothing is for you, it will change your daily life.

Thanks to its multivitamin complex in fruit acids, your hair will become stiff, extremely flexible with a texture that you have certainly never obtained with your usual care. The results are exceptional even on frizzy hair. > See our gallery before-after!

It is a smoothing that meets the expectations of women but also facilitates the styling of men.

Smoothing is recommended to be applied to people over 12 years old.


Coco Spray Smoothing is suitable for all types of hair: curly, curly, straight, frizzy, fine, thick. Thanks to this new smoothing you will get a result up to your expectations. Your hair will be really stiff, you will notice a loss of volume and your they will be incredibly soft and silky.

The Coco Spray Smoothing is a smoothing that is compatible with all hair types, even if you have performed techniques on your hair.

Whether you have a color, a discoloration, wicks, or made another smoothing, and even a straightening, you can still achieve the smoothing Coco Spray that will repair and enhance your hair.

Le lissage coco Spray est un lissage qui est compatible avec tous les types de cheveux, même si vous avez réalisé des techniques sur vos cheveux.

Que vous ayez une coloration, une décoloration, des mèches, ou réalisé un autre lissage, et même un défrisage, vous pouvez quand même réaliser le lissage Coco Spray qui va réparer et sublimer vos cheveux.

The hair is unique and not alike, depending on its origins, hereditary factors, and their composition. As a result, they do not all react in the same way to the care they are given. Coco Spray Smoothing has been designed to be effective on the widest possible sample. You will find in the table below the result that you can get depending on your hair texture.

Texture of hair before smoothing / Texture of hair after smoothing:

Straight hair: stiff, flexible, without frizz, loss of volume

Wavy hair: stiff, flexible, without frizz, loss of volume

Curly hair: stiff, flexible, without frizz, loss of volume

Curly hair: stiff, flexible, without frizz, loss of volume

Kinky Hair: Relaxing hair 80% on wet hair, 100% drying.

The lifespan of a smoothing is specific to each person, however several factors affect the duration of action of the smoothing.

 Frequency of washing hair: If you wash your hair frequently, your smoothness will fade more quickly.

The ideal is not to wash the hair more than twice a week.

 Using the Care Line: If you use the Home Care product line (Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in) your smoothness will last longer.

Indeed, these Home Care products contain the same ingredients found in smoothing. As a result, the smoothing is maintained and the effects are prolonged.

On average the smoothing can last between 4 and 6 months.

No delay!

Once the smoothing protocol is complete, you can wash your hair whenever you want without having to wait for a set time. In the same way, you can tie your hair immediately after smoothing without damaging it. The Coco Spray smoothing is part of the new generation smoothing, so it is no longer necessary to wait three days without washing them so that the product is fixed in the cuticle.

In order for the smoothing to last as long as possible, it is recommended to use the Home Care product line:

Coco Care Shampoo: It nourishes the fiber in depth thanks to the combined action of coconut and Brazil nuts. It reveals the shine of your hair and prolongs the effect of smoothing.

Coconut Conditioning: This is a moisturizer that protects your hair from external aggressions, and facilitates disentangling to limit the breakage caused by brushing. It gives vitality to the hair and participates in the optimal hold of the smoothing.

Coco Leave-in: It is a care without rinsing to apply in spray after the washing of the hair on wet hair. He prepares the hair for styling, eliminates frizz, sheaths the fiber and extends the effect of smoothing. It also contains an anti-UV filter to protect the hair from damage caused by sun exposure.

The smoothing Coco Spray is a smoothing whose main assets are coconut, guarana and Biotin, the smoothing Brazilian is composed of mainly keratin and sometimes Formol which has been controversial in recent years. The Brazilian smoothing product is injected under the scales of the hair which impregnates the hair and relaxes it. Coco Spray is injected deeper into the fiber, so the moisturizing action is much more effective. On the other hand, the Brazilian smoothing can make the hair oily, which is not the case for the smoothing Coco Spray.

Finally the application protocol is much more simplified with the smoothing Coco Spray, firstly thanks to its application in spray that simplifies the application of the product, then it is no longer necessary to make a shampoo that opens the scales of the hair.

In short, it saves time for increased efficiency.

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