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Why Coco Spray in your hairdressing salon ?

Why offer Kosmi Paris Coco Spray Smoothing in your hair salon?

  1. Customers who are loyal:

Thanks to the exclusive coco spray smoothing formula, the styling of your customers will be made easier

daily. Indeed their hair will be disciplined for a period of about 4 to 6 months.

A customer goes on average 4 times in the year to remake his smoothing.

By offering the smoothing service in your living room you do not take the risk that your

client (e) go see another hairdresser to do his smoothing, and that he / she does not come anymore in

your living room.


  1. Time saving:


-> The application protocol of Coco Spray smoothing is considerably reduced, in just 5 steps:


  1. Application of the product
  2. Break time between 40 and 60 minutes

(you have time to perform another performance during the break time)

  1. Rinsing
  2. Drying the hair
  3. Passage of the plates

Most other smoothings require about 8 to 10 steps. Either an application protocol halved! You can earn up to 1h30 less time, for a service billed the same amount. A very important rate of return!


A spray applicator: Saves time and ease of application and economy of the product. The revolutionary spray applicator has many advantages. No need to use a bowl and a brush, Saving time and ease of application. Thanks to the spray you apply the right dose, there is no loss, no product flowing.


  1. A more natural formula:


Coco Spray Smoothing is composed of more natural ingredients, it is an organic smoothing which is composed of many plant ingredients 0% formalin: The smoothing during its application does not sting the eyes and does not irritate the airways as some smoothings.

During the passage of the plates there is almost no smoke, which is a comfort for you hairdressers but also for the other people present in your living room.


  1. You stand out from the competition by proposing something new:


The first smoothing that activates hair growth:

Thanks to the presence of vitamin B7 / 8 BIOTINE, hair growth is stimulated. Very present in dietary supplements, this vitamin is directly injected into the heart of the fiber. Your customers will find healthy hair and you will be grateful.

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