The Smoothing Coco Spray is a smoothing asset formula composed mainly of natural ingredients from the Brazilian Botanical wealth and more particularly the Amazonian forest.

Thanks to extensive research, the exclusive Coco Spray smoothing formula smooths up to 100% the hair fiber, and even the most resistant hair. It repairs and realigns the cuticles in depth.

Coco Spray creates a natural barrier against moisture. Its antioxidant and moisturizing action transforms the hair into an incredibly silky and shiny texture. Coco Spray smoothing revolutionizes the world of hair smoothing. It differs from other smoothings in several points:

Non testé sur les animaux
Compatible avec les cheveux colorés

0% of Formaldehyde

Not tested on

Without risk for
colored hair

100% vegan

It smooths up to 100% of the hair fiber. Whether you have wavy, curly, curly or frizzy hair, you will achieve remarkable results! 
This smoothing is compatible with all the techniques already performed on your hair (colorations, locks, discolorations, straightening, permanent and non-permanent smoothing …) Its exclusive formula allows to inject the product at the heart of the fiber in order to obtain a deep and lasting hydration.

The cuticles of the hair are aligned, the texture is transformed.

The hair is silky, flexible, and gives a spectacular shine, they are healthy and it shows.

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0% Formaldehyde & Organic Ingredients

Smoothing Coco Spray is a formula composed mainly of natural ingredients from the natural resources of our dear planet.

The formula has been designed to be very pleasant to apply. Coco Spray Smoothing does not give you any tingling or bad smell.

During the drying and the passage of the plates there is no smoke that emerges as can be seen with the other smoothings.

The first smoothing that makes hair grow faster!

Coco Spray is not content to be a simple smoothing. The benefits of the ingredients in the formula are such that the bulbs in your scalp will be stimulated, and the growth of your hair will be activated.Therefore your hair will be beautiful and you will quickly gain centimeters.

A simplified application protocol and a spray applicator!

This unique, revolutionary and very practical application saves a lot of time. The spray makes it possible to apply the ideal dose of product without risking putting too much or not enough.

This smoothing has only 5 steps:

1. Application of the product
2. Break time
3. Rinsing
4. Drying
5. Passage of the plates

Most smoothings require between 8 and 10 steps. A considerable saving of time. The application time is reduced by about an hour.

Lissage Coco Spray Kosmi


Coconut is known for decades, around the world for its many virtues, including moisturizing, antioxidant.
Coconut oil is frequently used as a hair mask. Thanks to Coco Spray smoothing, coconut extract will be injected directly into the heart of your hair fiber.

Coconut has properties that nourish, soothe and shine hair. Rich in Lauric acid, it helps protect the hair every day, make them shine, and participate in the conservation of a healthy scalp.


Known for its many health benefits, Guarana is a South American plant that comes from the Amazonian forest. Guarana actively participates in the strength and vitality of the hair. Its astringent effects help regulate sebum, and therefore maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Lissage naturel Coco Spray Kosmi
Vitamina E


It is an important component of the enzymes in the body, it is found naturally in many foods. Biotin is the vitamin (vitamin H or B8) known to promote hair growth and elasticity. Biotin is often found in food supplements to activate hair growth. Smoothing Coco Spray is one of the first to use this exclusive vitamin in a hair smoothing. With this smoothing, Biotin will be injected deep in your hair fiber to activate the growth of your hair.


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