Application protocol of Kosmi smoothing


1. Apply the smoothing product to clean, dry hair. Spread the product wick by wick with the spray, and then comb the end so that the product is spread from root to tip.

2. Leave the product depending on the nature of the hair



Fine to medium hair

Exposure time = 40 minutes

Medium to thick hair

Exposure time = 60 minutes


3. Rinse the product.

4. Brush hair, then dry 100% hair.

5. Carry out fine strand separations, then smoothly pass the straightener slowly between 8 and 10 times per strand. The temperature of the straightener must be adapted according to the nature of the hair.


Fine, colored / faded hair
Temperature = 180/190 °

Natural fine hair
Temperature = 200 °

Medium / thick hair colored / discolored  Temperature = 210/220 °

Natural thick hair
Temperature = 230 °


Once the smoothing has been completed, the smoothing is complete, it is not necessary to wash the hair immediately.

You can admire the result!

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