Marina Peroni, founder of Kosmi Paris, is a professional hairdresser who has specialized for many years in hair smoothing. She has worked with many smoothings, such as Brazilian, Tannin, Japanese,French Smoothing…  she knows perfectly their respective techniques, as well as their advantages and their weak points.


 She realized that she was familiar with the different techniques available on the market,

Which gave her the desire to change the smoothing that we know and bring novelty.

This is how she decided to innovate and propose a new generation smoothing that would be able to bring all the benefits of such a product but… without the disadvantages.

Anyway, its ambition was to develop a powerful formula able to meet the expectations of consumers, while facilitating and improving the work of hairdressers …


To create Kosmi, she has relied on her solid experience, has done a lot of research to find the best laboratories and partners to produce a product that meets your expectations.

Kosmi is at the service of the beauty of your hair, while being inspired by each and every one of you.

From these years of research a product Smoothing Unique, different from all others was born, Smoothing COCO SPRAY.

The Coco Spray Smoothing formula is designed to smooth hair, but not only.

It turns the hair into a beautiful, shiny and radiant healthy texture.

It is designed to sublimate the greatest number of hair, whether stiff, curly, curly or frizzy, and regardless of their origin, so we can speak of a cosmopolitan smoothing.

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Kosmi is the result of experience and sharing. It is important that each of you can share your experience, and accompany our evolution according to your expectations.

We are a big family, follow us on social networks and share your before / after!


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